About / Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Royal Card House (Royal) strives to create a comprehensive, luxurious environment for card lovers to share their passion and participate in card tournaments and cash games.

Executive Summary

The Royal Card House is a private social club where members come together to play card games with other members. Members enjoy card games legally, in a rake free, tip free, smoke free, and nonalcoholic environment. At Royal, members play for every dollar on the table, and leave with their winnings and the VIP experience that Royal provides.

The Royal Card House will put an emphasis on membership, camaraderie and luxury. Making each member feel like part of a close knit, exclusive group.

The Royal Experience will be a palpable one, leaving members excited for more. The Royal ensures that success will be reached through relationship building, excellent customer service, a comprehensive experience, and more than all a shared appreciation of the card games that bring their members together.